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In this free guide, I show you the exact process we use to create winning CVs for our clients here at StandOut CV

Your role descriptions provide you with a great opportunity to showcase your abilities - but I see very few candidates using them to their full potential.

In this final section, I will explain the simple but effective role structure we use at StandOut CV, that ensures busy recruiters can pinpoint the information they need.

I will also show you how to quickly build the context that readers need, and clearly demonstrate the impact you have made at previous employers.

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"I'm a former recruiter and founder of StandOut CV - I also contribute careers advice to a number of leading websites"

Chapter 1. Identify & research your target roles (properly)

The most common and damaging mistake that I see candidates make, happens well before you start writing your CV.

That mistake, is failing to properly identify your target roles.

And I don't just mean saying something broad like, "I'm aiming for project manager roles"

You need to be as specific as possible with the goals for your CV if you want results.

Without knowing exactly who your target employers are, and fully understanding their requirements, you will simply be using guess work to write your CV, and you will struggle to attract recruiters.

The first section of this guide shows you how to pinpoint the real needs of your desired employers and build a list of high-demand skills to focus your CV around.

This step alone will put you strides ahead of most other candidates on the market.

Chapter 2. Structuring your CV for success

How to write an interview-winning CV

To ensure that recruiters and hiring managers can digest your message quickly, an easy-to-read structure is vital.

You also need to draw attention to your most valuable features, whilst maintaining a flawlessly professional outlook.

In chapter 2, I demonstrate the exact structure that we use for our client's CVs, and how you can adapt it to your profession and industry.

Chapter 3. The all important top quarter

Holding the attention of a recruiter or hiring manager within the first few seconds of them opening your CV is crucial. 

Candidates who fail to do so, will rarely succeed in today's market. 

This is why it's so important to perfect the top quarter of your CV.

In this chapter, I explain exactly what recruiters want to see at the top of your CV, and how to hook them instantly, so that your CV is read with enthusiasm - and not skipped over with haste.

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Chapter 4. Writing powerful role descriptions

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